Wendy appeared in my life when I was in the depth of despair and looking for answers.  With her kind and compassionate guidance I learned to go within to discover the truth and find my joy.  I now know that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I will be forever grateful.

Sue Lane

I have received many 'readings' of one kind or another over the years.  Wendy Blatta is now at the top of my list.  Her kind, gentle, honest, and straightforward approach created a space for me to relax and feel safe.  Wendy is not only a gifted medium but someone who shares her knowledge wholeheartedly.  I am looking forward to my next reading with Wendy and highly recommend her!

Linda Kelly

Wendy is an incredibly gifted psychic but an even more gifted counselor.  I met her five years ago, and since then, she has helped me through a divorce and single parenting two children.  Wendy has the ability to reveal what my mind and heart are trying to tell me, what it is that I'm not hearing.  She has taught me how to listen.  I value her like a prized possession, and I feel so very grateful to have her in my life.

Rose S.

I often think of Wendy not as a life line (that they have on some tv shows) but rather as a 'light line' for occasions when I am needing guidance.  I really appreciate that she takes the time to make sure I have really understood the message she is conveying as well as her friendly approach to the readings.


Wendy read in my Shoppe for many years and had a large following.  When she left us, her many faithful clients were very sad to see her go as her unique, no nonsense style of reading people makes her very special indeed.  We all miss her terribly, and would love to have her with us again as no one has been able to fill the void she has left.

Diane King, owner of The Hedge Witch in Sharon, Ontario

I have worked with Wendy for the last few years at Reflections Books in Coquitlam, B.C. Her reading style is unique and is what I would call a “Spiritual Counselor”. Wendy’s grounded "mind/heart /spirit"approach would be very helpful if you are looking for guidance in your personal life or for growing your business. Wendy’s clients appreciate her calm & caring manner as well as her practical advice.

Crystal Parent, Owner & Aromatherapist at Passiflora Aromatics