My Story


I'm Wendy Blatta and I've spent my adult life, some 40 plus years so far, looking to understand life's meaning.  Once upon a time only monks, mystics, and gurus cared about such a quest, and ordinary life had to be sacrificed to pursue it.  But I’ve lived an ordinary life and found life’s meaning by educating myself while living it.  

Even as a child I wanted to know how life works and why.  And nobody seemed to know, not definitively anyway.  As a result, although I was a happy child, I was never really satisfied with life.  Self-help psychology came along about the time I hit adulthood and I took a look at it, thinking something had to be wrong with me and hoping I could fix it.

Most people think that's all there is to psychology, fixing broken humans.  Read enough of it, though, while in the background wanting to know how things work and why, and you can learn all about being human.  And I did.

Psychology is about the human mind and the human mind is about being human.  Another word for mind is consciousness.  I thought I was learning about me, others, getting along, and living more effectively, while getting a better life in the process.  And I was.  But I was also exploring consciousness, just like monks, mystics, and gurus do.

The leading edge of human consciousness is thinking.  We humans sit on the surface of our minds, look out at the world, and think about it.  Continued study of psychology turned me around and set my thinking to exploring consciousness, the human part that is.  Eventually I worked my way deep enough inward that I glimpsed beyond the human part into spirit, instantly understanding that spirit was dreaming being human and dreaming a world, and universe, in which to dwell.

The experience didn't last long but my thinking hasn't been the same since.  I had to know more, so I set out to learn all that we humans know, so far, about spirit, the spiritual, and spirituality.  We know quite a lot, spread throughout religions and philosophies and metaphysics, disorganized, and well-disguised.  I've been sorting it out, however, and adding to it.  On the other side of our consciousness is an infinitely wise consciousness that I like to call 'God' that loves to help.  Of course It does; It is our home.

Lately I've added science to my research.  Science is very rapidly learning about the nonphysical nature of what we humans think is a physical world, and universe.  And I find it amazing how this scientific knowledge supports the spiritual knowledge I've gathered.

In the background of all the research I'm working my way back through my consciousness toward home.  In other words, I'm working to wake up from dreaming I'm human.  I also work to help others who are doing the same.  I counsel others directly in the form of intuitive readings.  And I counsel others indirectly via my writing.

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