Thinking Your Way To Spirit

Thinking Your Way To Spirit Watermarked.JPG

This is mostly a spiritual blog.  Yet I've called it 'What Are You Thinking' which doesn't sound spiritual at all.  What was I thinking?  The name is actually my husband's idea.  He sees my spiritual counseling work as teaching more effective thinking to help others improve their lives.

A modern definition of spirituality might be meeting God in our own minds.  This is the heart of the work I do.  I've let go of the old religious ideas that told me what I could think about God.  This lets me experience an all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful Highest Consciousness instead.

For a while I latched on to typical New Age belief which talks 'Universe' rather than 'God.'  It's a lovely concept and it helped me experience everyone and everything on earth as 'one.'  However, we need to rise above our human earthbound point of view.

All problems on earth are problems of human mind.  If we are to leave the problems behind, we need help lifting ourselves above our human perspective.

Close to the surface our minds are filled with humanness.  This is a web of automatic thinking that basically runs our lives---and causes all the problems.  We need to dig down in our minds and rethink life and its meaning.

We're like the birds in the picture above, sitting on top of the mesh.  The mesh is our minds.  We look out at the world thinking our mind is simply a perch.  We have no idea of its depth and power.

The typical spiritual approach would have us take flight.   Yet we always have to return to earth because we're tied here by that mesh.

My approach is to unweave the mesh.  This takes work maybe lifetimes of work.  But it also results in ever increasing heavenly experience here on earth.

The Fabric Of Being Human