Spirit Becoming Human

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Indian meditators perceived life-force energy, as prana, a k a spirit, entering the human body and flowing through it into the human life thus animating that human and that humans life, initially and on an ongoing basis.  The perceived prana circulating through the human body via a system of interconnected vortexes or chakras.

There are minor chakras throughout the body.  A few weeks ago you sensed auric energy using the minor chakras in the palms of your hands.  But most well-known are the seven major chakras located along the spine.  Ancient texts refer to channels of vital life-force energy that thread through the chakras up and down the spine.

I find the story of the chakras to be a very useful metaphor for understanding spirit becoming human.  Logically, of course, the story starts at the top and works its way down to the bottom.  More interesting still is the idea the metaphor of reversing this course as we work to awaken back up to spirit.  The idea that the story starts above our human chakras is important to note because none of us are individually dreaming it all.  We enter the dream in process.  We can individually wake up, however.

The being human part of the dream, in general, and personally, begins at the top of the head—the crown chakra—where spirit consciousness has become human consciousness.  The rest of the chakras run down the spine to the base or root chakra at the bottom of the spine and from that chakra down through the legs, grounding us into the dream.  There are five chakras in between that run top to bottom and bottom to top and also radiate outward back and the front as we dream our personal life story.

When we see auras most of us see hazy whitish light.  The chakra metaphor represents spirit, as that hazy whitish light, breaking down into a rainbow of colour, a lovely metaphor for spirit dreaming being human:

  1. violet at the crown chakra as spirit thinks like a human,

  2. indigo at the third eye chakra as spirit sees like a human,

  3. turquoise at the throat chakra as spirit speaks like a human,

  4. green at the heart chakra as spirit feels like a human, 

  5. yellow at the solar plexus chakra as spirit individuates as a human,

  6. orange at the sacral chakra as spirit relates to other humans, and

  7. red at the base chakra as spirit grounds all this into physical form.

The colour associated with each of the seven chakras begins with violet at the crown chakra and ends with red at the base, correspondent to the breakdown we humans see when light is refracted.  It is interesting, too, to think of the spirit becoming human as spirit dreaming a rainbow of experiences.

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