The Edge Of Spirit

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Regular work with any variation of the exercise in my last blog post will, sooner or later, get you a glimpse of spirit, a seeing glimpse.  It's just a glimpse of just an edge, a tiny bit of all that is spirit beyond the dream of being human.  But it's a start and it should be a thrill.  If the experience hasn't happened yet, don't give up, and instead, just keep trying.  That edge that we're looking for, where spirit meets the dream of being human, has been noted by all kinds of humans all through dreamed human history.  It's become known as an 'aura' and it basically looks like light.

The golden halo around the heads of religious figures in paintings by the old masters is a great example of seeing an aura.  In looking at these paintings in books in my younger years, I assumed these halos were a human-invented means of depicting holiness.  But then I caught my glimpse of spirit, and later was able to visit parts of Europe and see many of those paintings for myself.  Many of these paintings truly are masterful presentations because they look more like pictures than paintings, not literally, but in the sense that the viewer sees exactly what the painter saw.  They saw exceptionally powerful auras, if not in person then in perception.

We ordinary folk don't have that power of perception.  But we can also throw ourselves off by expecting too much.  We need to relax and find the balance of exactly what we are meant to see.  It can, in fact, be advantageous to see less.  Most often, spirit at the edge of being human is seen as a kind of heat wave.  What I see is a faint haze of light, white light, most obvious around the upper body, the shoulders and head especially.  I could easily describe it as a heat wave and I think the heat wave I've heard others describe could easily be a haze of whitish light. 

Sometimes information is seen in an aura, most typically in the form of colour.  Symbolically, yellow could represent confidence, maybe radiance.  Blue could represent clarity, focus.  Occasionally, images are seen, mostly also symbolic.  This information concerns the human whose aura is being seen.  Someone skilled at glimpsing medical information this way might see an image representing an old trauma that led to a current health problem.

We assume that seeing colour or other information in an aura represents a strong spirit-seeing muscle, and this is probably true and maybe we all could develop such strength if we worked at it.  I once would have wished to do so.  Seeing clear images that provide useful information is a valuable tool, here within the dream of being human.  Less clear images can be valuable too, although extent of value is dependent upon skill in interpretation and interpretation is all about being human.  This is most true when interpreting colour.  Colour represents the breakdown of white light into the dream of physicality. 

In truth, the more detail we see, the more we are seeing being human and the less we are seeing spirit.  So, it is definitely more advantageous to simply see a hazy whitish light at the edge of being human where the dream meets the possibility of awakening into spirit.

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