Seeing A Glimpse Of Spirit

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It is also possible to see spirit.  Of course, the first thing we think about is seeing ‘spirit beings’ like angels, guides, ghosts, departed loved ones.  This is spirit beyond the dream of living physical life, which we can see from within the dream, but an easier place to start is not stretching our awareness that far but simply looking to the edge of the dream where spirit meets physicality.

Anybody can glimpse spirit.  We all have the muscles to do so.  The more we exercise these muscles, the more we build muscle strength.  If we haven't been exercising a muscle, however, the best way to start is with some light lifting.  As our strength builds we can add more weight.  In a previous blog post we exercised the muscle of feeling.  We didn't start with the heavy weight of trying to feel angels, guides, ghosts, departed loved ones, and so on.  Instead we started light, feeling our spirit at the surface where it meets being human.

We can do the same sort of thing trying to see spirit.  Here are four suggestions of ways to start:

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror.  You need a large wall or floor mirror so you can see at least your upper half and from which you can stand back an arm's length or two.

  2. Look at a person.  This can be anyone, anywhere, but it should be someone nearby and not moving.  When I first tried this many years ago I lived in Toronto and practiced on the subway.  It was a great way to pass the time.  I also practiced while sitting at shopping malls.

  3. Look at a picture.  At this early stage you want an upper-body close-up of one person.  Anyone will do.  Magazine and newspaper pictures will work and sensing celebrities can be a fun way to see subtle energy and note a bit of information which is easy to set aside afterward.

  4. Of course, you can also share this exercise with a friend, maybe sitting across a table from each other.

It is helpful to look at the upper body, near the head and shoulders.  Don't try to see the physical person.  Relax or soften your focus while gently looking at the edge of the physical person, almost looking just past them.

Background can make a difference, as can lighting.  It can help if the person is contrasted against a lighter background, or in brighter lighting.  Play around with this.

If you wear glasses, try this both with them and without them.  Glasses are designed to focus vision in some fashion and that may be counterproductive.  But I wear glasses and can see spirit while wearing them, if I try these exercises.  Actually, when I take my glasses off my vision is too blurry to distinguish an edge of a person never mind spirit there.

Don't expect too much too soon.  And don't become discouraged if nothing seems to be happening, even after a few tries.  Keep trying.  Remember, it's muscle that needs strengthening and exercise is key.

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