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Of all the ways that we humans, in the dream of being human, can connect with spirit I believe feeling spirit might be the easiest.  All we really have to do is relax and spirit is there.  The most common 'glimpse' of spirit is actually a simple sudden sense of being part of something greater.  Throughout the eons of dreaming being human, all kind of humans have experienced glimpses like these.  The key is a moment of relaxation—mostly mental relaxation—watching a sunset, holding a newborn baby, staring into a loved ones eyes.

Yoga, done Eastern-style, is an ancient Eastern method for 'yoking' human awareness with awareness of spirit.  Related Eastern meditation, at risk of oversimplifying, is all about sitting, relaxing, and opening to spirit.  Buddhist meditation is a lifetime practice of relaxing human body, mind, and emotion, toward not just glimpsing spirit but also awakening from human into spirit.

As is the Western way, especially in modern times, bunches of self-made gurus have tried to come up with short-cuts to these tried-and-true ancient practices.  There are no short-cuts to spiritual awakening.  It is, necessarily, a long journey, growing puny human focus into ever-greater wakefulness in spirit.  It is possible, though, to short-cut our way to a short glimpse.

There are all kinds of Western yoga and meditation CDs and DVDs, not to mention on-line downloads or data streams, all aimed at short-cuts to short glimpses.  The better among them offer good guidance and advice.  But most merely offer a visual gimmick or mind trick that might help you see or hear, and certainly all are designed to help you relax and feel spirit emotionally.  There is no harm in getting a little help if you think you need it.  Don't become dependent on outside help, however.  It is important to realize that we all are capable of connecting to spirit, on our own.

You are spirit.  You are in spirit, surrounded by spirit, part of all that is spirit.  You are not a human being connecting with something else that is spirit.  You are a spirit being remembering your true nature.  If you find you can't stop thinking like a human, think like a human this way:  there is all kinds of spirit—maybe your own departed loved one, like my dad, wanting to help you remember you are spirit.  My dad has been helping me strengthen that memory.  If not a departed loved one, you can think of a guardian angel or a spirit guide.

Then use this simple idea to help you feel spirit—emotionally—on your own.  Ask spirit for help doing so.  In the early morning while lying in bed after first waking up, or in the middle of the night if you can't sleep, or at the start of the night just before falling asleep, ask spirit to help you feel spirit.  Then just relax and wait and spirit will help you.

I do this regularly.  What I feel I would best describe in human words as a blended love/joy/peace.  This feeling—emotional feeling—is incredibly subtle.  The slightest bit of thinking or trying or doing on my part always rides over the feeling like a triple-axle truck, with trailer.  However, if instead I let go and relax (mostly mentally but it helps if my body is also still) spirit does the connecting (so to speak) rather than human me.  I feel spirit every time.  And then I float in the feeling for a while.

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