A Telephone Call

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When I first glimpsed spirit, I glimpsed all that it entails, just glimpsed it mind you.  It left me with a sense of spirit stretching out from the dream of being human through layers or levels all the way to an edge of something I could only think of as 'God' because in my mind only that name held the requisite reverence.

In my glimpse of spirit, however, all the old religious thinking had shaken loose of that name.  And any other human word for 'God' would do; I was simply most familiar with this one.

So I was left with a vague image of spirit, in its levels or layers, something like a hazy puzzle box-top picture.  I could see none of the detail, didn't have the puzzle pieces either.  I was instantly obsessed with finding the pieces and putting a clear picture of spirit together.

Besides that hazy picture, I was also left with a certainty that spirit would help me, in the form of higher guidance.   I wanted the I asked for the highest possible guidance, and asked for it.  I knew I was restricted to what it was that human awareness could know but I also knew that what my awareness could know would stretch.

Other humans had been looking into this before me.  And humans also thought they knew a lot that was more about human thinking than stretched awareness.  So I also decided to research everything we humans knew so far.

Bit by bit, doing all this did indeed stretch my awareness of spirit.  I grew steadily more 'intuitive.'  Intuition has been defined as 'a telephone line to God' and I like that definition.  I called, I asked a question, and I got an answer.  Added to the research, and some experimentation too, the puzzle began to come together.

The telephone line works both ways, of course.  That's how we get the 'calling' of higher purpose or mission in the first place, whether we know God is calling us or not.  After a while, I got a call about a sideline.  If I could read life intuitively for myself, I was told I could do so for others too.  And I have been doing so ever since.

What We Do Or Who We Are

A Sideline