My Life Purpose

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Mostly, life purpose takes place in phases.  Everything that happens to us as children contributes to who we become as adults.  We learn not just from our families but from everything around us.  This is the base of our life purpose.  Both the good stuff and the bad stuff contribute.  Bad stuff only poisons purpose if we let it.  We can instead let it inspire us.  In childhood, I learned to crave an understanding of human life.

In adulthood, we have the opportunity to continue our learning, but selectively.  Most of us focus on learning what is required for our jobs or careers, maybe purposeful, maybe not.  In young adulthood, I learned about office work, then learned a profession, then climbed the business ladder.

Important, too, is our learning on the personal side.  In young adulthood, via self-help psychology, I started that education in how human life works and why it works that way.  Not only did I begin a lifelong learning path, the bad stuff in my childhood turned into not just good but gold.  As I hit middle-aged adulthood this changed the directionIt of my life and set me deliberately on the path of my life purpose.

I discovered that we are really spirit beings, not human beings, and my purpose became that of learning everything I could about spirit.  I felt the need to share what I was learning so as I learned, I created courses and began counselling others intuitively.  Eventually I wanted to write a book.

The book is the final phase of the deliberate working side of my life purpose.  I had trouble getting it going for many years, but there was always also more to learn.  After a while, I started blogging and the blogging led me to science.  It turns out that science and spirituality are two sides of one coin.

The final phase of my life might be retirement, but I'm not ready for that yet.  I have more to learn and at least one book to finish writing.  I'm also trying to get out into the world and do some plain-old practical work for a while.  I miss it.  On the one hand, I'd like to just play all day as retired folk do.  But more than that I want purpose in my life, purpose that helps others.

For the next while, my blogging might slow down a bit.  I might blog only every second or third or fourth week.  Please keep checking in.  The new theme will be spirituality.  Meanwhile, waiting for new postings, re-read the older postings.  Send me an email, if you like, letting me know what you think.  Keep an eye on this website because one day my book will appear here and you won't want to miss that.

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