What We Do Or Who We Are

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Our life purpose or mission can be the thing we do in the world—a job, paid or not.  It can be a hobby.  And it can have a sideline or two.  But life purpose or mission always seems to break down into one of two things.  It is either what we do in the world or it is who we are in the world.  In the latter case we take it with us wherever we go.

My mission is a little of both.  The work part is unpaid research and paid teaching and counselling.  The bigger picture is about waking up to spirit.  I am still just an ordinary human but I am trying hard bit by bit to leave being human behind.  This process goes with me wherever I go.   

My intuitive readings for others often involve helping them understand they have a life purpose or mission as well as what that is.  Sometimes they already know, but need some guidance through a rough patch or transition or discovery of a sideline.

Many come to me, however, with no idea of higher purpose or mission, never mind realizing that they have one.  Many women, for example, find themselves at mid-life with kids just about to leave home, half a life still left to live, and no inkling of what they might do with themselves.

A calling to a job, or careers, is easier to recognize, though women having focused on a husband and kids often lose the ability to perceive themselves that way.  In these cases, I help them begin to listen for a calling, examine some of their options, and come to recognize that there is something they want to do.  Often it's as simple as recognizing a skill or desire to do a certain work in the world.

Most fun for me has been the times I've helped someone realize they've been doing their life purpose or mission all along.  Everywhere they go with virtually everyone they meet they offer cheer, or listen, or advise, or offer care or compassion, or organize, or simply help do whatever needs to be done.  When I help someone recognize that their purpose or mission is simply who they are in the world, faces light up, and sometimes tears are spilled.  Having meaning in the world is everything.

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