A Calling

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The things I was learning about life's meaning really excited me.  I wanted to do nothing but learn, and experiment with what I was learning, of course, and that became my full-time job.  But I also felt called to share what I was learning and figured out ways to do that part-time.

I started by creating and teaching courses.  Then students started asking for one-on-one sessions.  I liked to think of this as tutoring, though it was probably more like coaching and eventually morphed into something more like counselling.

Life mission or purpose is often referred to as a ‘calling.’  This is because it does call to us.  It doesn't always call clearly, at least not at the start.  Then sometimes for others it calls clearly right from the start.  One way or another, however, I believe something special and unique calls each and every one of us.

My calling came more as a whisper at the start, a vague interest, maybe more a disinterest.  It kind of seemed like the opposite of what it was, more a dissatisfaction with life than an urge to find meaning.  But that dissatisfaction got me looking into why I was dissatisfied and in doing that I began to learn about how human life worked and why and that was the beginning of learning life's meaning, mine and everybody else's.

Life mission called clearly to my dad from a very young age.  He wanted to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police whose motto, Maintain the Right, meant everything to my dad.  He simply knew what he wanted to do and he went for it.

By early mid-life my calling had finally become clear to me too.  I knew spiritual research would be my priority for the rest of my life, both learning it and sharing what I learned.

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