A Sideline

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So I began to create and teach courses and tutor and then counsel.  Nowadays the teaching is turning into books.  I still tutor and counsel, though, but I do so via intuitive readings.  The intuitive readings turned out to be an interesting sideline to my calling.

I prefer not to be called a 'psychic.'  I can look into the future, if I want to, but I'd rather not predict it.  When I look into the future I see options.  After all, my specialty is patterns and my overall gift has to do with the biggest pattern of all, life's meaning.  When I read for others I'd rather open them to their options, help them see a bigger picture, and connect them with meaning.

I call this sideline, 'intuitive counselling.'  It called to me from a young age, too, in a way.  As a young adult I loved to go to psychics and if there was anything I would have wanted to be able to do it was this.  But everyone knew psychic ability as a 'gift' someone was born with, or not, and I was not.

That changed for me, though, at mid-life when I caught my first glimpse of spirit.  If spirit lay behind everything, including us humans, and me, then waking up to it would mean perceiving the spirit behind things.

I might not have been born able to see bits and pieces of spirit, or potential, like a typical psychic could, but I could work to awaken to spirit and in doing so gradually learn to see all of it.  And lo and behold, as I began to learn about spirit and work to open myself to it, I also began to perceive it.  I actually created and taught classes in this for a while.  After all, if I could do this, anyone could.

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