Something Higher

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I loved the idea of life purpose or mission from the moment I first read about it.  That was at least 20 years ago now.  Books on life purpose or mission were among some of the early new age spiritual books I read.

The key for me, though, was the spirituality I attached to the idea.  There are many books written about life purpose or mission, some old, some out of print, some new.   Many are written from the standpoint of simply feeling a calling.  But many also consider that calling to come from something higher.

That something higher might be considered to be something within us or beyond us.  Even Richard Bolles long-standing and much-consulted What Color Is Your Parachute? includes an appendix which offers a religious point of view on life mission.

The something higher might be a higher being or presence.  It seems that way to me but what do our puny human minds really know.  I had no problem with talking to God in the very early days of my adult life because religion told me it was okay.  But I had some trouble with the rules and regulations and judgment and exclusivity of the world's religious points of view.  So I left religion behind and set out to find the truth for myself.

I ended up back where I had started, once again believing in something higher, some sort of being or presence, incredibly beyond any possible comprehension by our tiny human minds.  I'm comfortable with the word 'God' for that something higher.  I like the word, in fact.

But I no longer attach any religious connotations to the word.  Instead it represents for me, as no other word can do, a vastly higher intelligence, awareness, compassion, and care—a vastly higher consciousness of some sort.  Very simply put, it represents something higher than anything and everything else.

Even Books Call To Me

A Calling