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When I counsel or read intuitively, I most often end up guiding others in life mission or purpose.  For one thing, my gift seems to involve seeing the bigger picture.  That can be done in layers beginning with a bigger perspective on everyday issues and problems.  The top layers have to do with life's meaning, personally, then generally.

For me, they two top layers are basically one and the same.  Looking for and at life's meaning, in general, for all of us humans, is my personal life purpose or mission.  This was the theme running through my life even before I realized there was a theme.

It began to show itself in my late teens when I couldn't find anything I wanted to do in life.  I guess you could say I had no personal meaning.  But I was also then beginning to question life's meaning generally. 

As I've already said, all I could figure out to do with myself was to get a job and get on with life.  This didn't seem like the start of a purpose but it was.  I ended up with a well-rounded perspective on life in the modern world while in the background self-help psychology helped me sort it all out.

Eventually I had learned enough to be able to shake loose of thinking like a human and glimpse a reality’s deeper spiritual core.  In an instant, life made sense to me, gained personal and general meaning.  I didn't know the details yet, but I knew I had to devote my life to finding them.

That research became my job at that point, my full-time job.  It wasn't a big money-maker like some of my earlier jobs had been but by then I was obsessed with learning.  I suppose once upon a time I would have been a monk and mendicant, seeking life’s meaning.  In modern Western culture my husband made possible my devotion to seeking life’s meaning.

A Calling

A Gift