A Gift

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If we each have purpose, realize it, and sing our song, we give the world a gift.  But we in Western culture value some gifts more than others and I think this is a mistake.

I have a sister, for example, who is gifted in caring for others and it is something she loves to do.  These days she works in health care, I've seen her work, and she is amazing.  But her passion is wearing thin because her gift is going unappreciated.  She is overworked, badly treated, and barely earns a living wage.

When my husband and I first travelled so he could meet my family, all of us except this sister went out for a fancy dinner on New Year's Eve.  She was working that night, as a server.  She worked at the classiest place in town, but we went there for dinner for that but to share the evening with her.  We didn't gift her, however.  She gifted us.

I was then early into learning about life mission or purpose and I could clearly see  passion, purpose, and a unique and special talent in her.  The restaurant, the food, the family, the occasion, all were wonderful.  But none of it made our night the wonderful night it was.  My sister's attentive care, vibrant personality, and exceptional service did.  That was the night I began to think of mission or purpose as a gift.

Why we in Western culture value a computer whiz or financial manager or politician, as examples, more than we value someone who cares for others is one of the big things wrong with Western culture today.  I don't know how to change any of it.  That kind of knowing is not my gift.  Maybe it's yours.  I know one thing I can do, though.  I can value everyone I meet.

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