Life Purpose Or Mission

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Finding our voice and singing our song has to do with life purpose or mission.  I believe we each have one.

I knew nothing about life mission or purpose when I first started working at 17.  I knew, though, that there were people all around me who had something they wanted to do with their life.  They each had a purpose in mind and that meant each had something special and unique about them.  I couldn't find anything special or unique about me.  I had no purpose in mind, nothing in particular that I wanted to do.  So I just got a job, any old job, because I did want to make my own way in the world.

I was a feminist but didn't see that as a purpose.  That was more a matter of wanting to live the kind of life I saw men getting to live.  So I found l a man's job I could train to do and I set out to work my way up the ladder of success.

It turned out that I was on purpose, though I didn't figure that out until later.  I was gaining a well-rounded, worldly, Western human point of view.  I also found a sideline I was passionate about—learning how being human worked via self-help psychology.

By early middle age, I was ready to learn the most important thing about being human—we really aren't.  We are spirit instead, merely dreaming we're human.

I'd been passionate about psychology but spirituality so enthused me that working with it was all I wanted to do.  I had found the unique and special thing I wanted to do, my purpose in the world.

It was about that time that I came across the concept of life mission or purpose.  There are various theories about why spirit would become human:  we might be lost, we might be dreaming, we might be evolving.  In every scenario, though, sparks of spirit are temporarily here with a unique and special voice, a song to sing.  The biggest clue is passion.

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