We Need To Have A Voice

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Singing like no one is listening means expressing ourselves without worrying what others think about us.  To be able to do this has been a process of growth for me throughout my life.

As a girl growing up in our patriarchal world I was taught by that world to sacrifice my own needs and wants in caring for others.  I was also taught that this would make me acceptable, likeable, even loveable, and of course this mattered to me.

I am a rebel, though, and a thinker, or maybe a rebel as a result of being a thinker.  So I became a feminist at a very early age.  That means I was also one of the early feminists.  Early feminism was about equal rights.

As a thinker I decided I would set out in the world to earn those rights.  And I did, by working a man's job, doing it well, making a man's pay, and gaining the respect of the men working with me.  I worked surrounded by men.  I got along with all of them and many became my friends.

I didn't love the work though I did love aspects of it.  Mostly, I loved being on equal footing with good men.  For 20 years my voice was feminism.  But I didn't shout about feminism.  I sang my feminism by being that change which I wanted to see in my world.

After a while, I still did hit the proverbial glass ceiling, but I didn't see it as having to do with me being a woman.  I had not qualified myself to move beyond middle management.  Along the way I had instead found something else I wanted to do, a deeper and richer level of voice.  I had learned there was a spiritual reality beyond the physical one we see.  That generic spirituality became the song I wanted to sing.

I've worked 20 more years now, learning about spirit (and Spirit and so on) as well as teaching others who also want to learn about it.  I don't shout about spirituality either.  Spirituality is an awareness not a religion.  I simply sing about the reality spirituality helps me see.

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Sing Like No One Is Listening