Re-Dreaming Ourselves Into Spirit

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The theme behind this set of blogs about psychology has been change.  Self-help psychology changed me and changing me changed my life.  But the biggest change, in me and my life, was a change in perspective.  Basically I learned that I am a deeper being that I thought and that deeper being is the core of not just my human self but also my human life.  We can change life on its physical surface, usually, and often fairly easily.  I found mental change within to be more effective, however, and especially when effecting outer physical change physically was difficult or even impossible.  In some cases, the physical change that occurred in my life after all I did was merely change my mind about life, well, it bordered on miraculous.  It showed me the power of my own mind, the mental power of being a human.  We have no idea, nobody teaches us, and yet that power operates unconsciously anyway.  Besides revealing our mental power, however, the miraculous and near-miraculous changes in my life also got me wondering just how real was physical reality really.

When I caught that glimpse of spirit, of being spirit and not human, I didn't instantly flash to the realization that physical life is really only a dream.  I contemplated the idea.  Certainly my glimpse of spirit revealed that being human wasn't real.  We were spirit instead, at least in essence.  And my glimpse also revealed that physical reality wasn't real, was essentially spirit instead.  But that glimpse didn't reveal any detail, only the bigger picture, the bigger meaning.  So I had a few theories, dream maybe, evolving maybe, here to learn and grow maybe….  I also had a new passion—a desire to research everything we humans knew so far about soul, spirit, God, God by any name, and anything else related.  Eventually I discovered that even science was related.  Thus began 20 more years of learning, and experimenting with that learning.  I'm really into my third 20 years now, learning mostly science these days.  Studying and working to understand everything there is to know about spirit I now know that human life, physical reality, is nothing but a dream.

We can re-dream it every day.  If all we know is new age spirituality, there are plenty of books and courses offering techniques in what is usually termed 'manifestation.'  We can manifest wealth, abundance, new jobs, perfect partners, happier families, good health, and even parking spaces, and all we have to do is practice some new age technique that guides us in manipulating the energy or spirit supposedly the essence of physical reality.  These techniques work.  I 'manifested' a red BMW, as one example.  All I did was wish for one and one was given to  me.  I loved that car and enjoyed it for several years.  I saw bigger and more obvious physical change, more miraculous-seeming change working 'spiritually' than I did working psychologically.  The result, however, was the same.  The change bettered my life, my human physical life.

Ultimately, the change we want to make is waking back up from being human into being spirit again.  Is it not?  It sure is for me.  The dream is still one of being a physical being in a physical reality.  The very nature of being a physical being in a physical place limits the mental and spiritual miracles we can work.  Push it far enough that we no longer have any physical undesirables or problems or challenges in our life at all, and, well, we are then not here at all anymore but back home as spirit, back home in the perfection of spirit.  So, here is what I propose.  Read and learn and read and learn and read and learn—psychology and spirituality.  Learn not just by reading.  Apply what you learn in your life.  You will end up changing your life with the practical advantage of life getting better and better.  In the background you will be expanding your awareness of life, what it really means, how it really works and why.  You will also be re-dreaming ever-more-awake versions of your life.  And one day, all will be perfect and you will be totally awake.

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