Changing My World

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I've been blogging about the first layer of nonphysically changing my world—mental change.  Pre self-help psychology I lived on the surface of the dream of the world.  Reality was solidly physical to me and could only be changed with physical effort.  I had no idea I was mentally influencing that physical world, with my thinking and believing and feeling.  Yet I did so, unconsciously.  Subconscious programming influenced my life all the time from beneath the surface of my awareness.  Post self-help psychology I knew to watch out for those programmed mental influences because changing them meant changing outcomes in my world.

I was instantly hooked on self-help psychology because of its ability to help me live more effectively in the world.  I then read and worked with book after book, in the background of the business and personal foreground of my life, effecting physical change by applying mental effort.  I've already blogged examples but I will sum it all up by simply saying that of self-help psychology helped me live a life I would never have otherwise lived, an exceptionally good life.

The work I did psychologically and the change it produced in my world physically seemed magical back then, even miraculous.  Many times I made no effort to change my world.  All I did was change my thinking, believing, and/or feeling about something in my world and that something then changed accordingly.  There is a rational explanation really, if that mental for example produced increased confidence in me.  That increased confidence could easily inspire a potential employer to see me as a skilled and capable employee.  Indeed, it often did.  It also inspired coworkers and clients and employees to see me as coworker or business development professional or employer worthy of respect.

The change that resulted from my education in self-help psychology didn’t produce miracles of biblical proportion.  But they were miracles to me.  First came change in me, something I hadn’t known was possible.  We humans are who we are, are we not?Then came relatively easy change, something else I hadn’t known was possible.  It was a solidly physical world so considerable physical effort surely had to be made if to change it.  And easy change in my world?  I seemed to have to work physically harder than most to produce change and even then wasn’t always successful.  And the topper—producing change in the physical world simply by changing me.  Well, what else I as that but a miracle, even if only a miracle for me.

Once I learned I could change my world by working with self-help psychology, changing my world for the better became my focus.  Why wouldn't it be because who wouldn't want to improve their world?  Since self-help psychology is currently a billion-selling market it seems like at least a billion of us would.  Mind you, self-help psychology books often empathize quick-fix change for some specialized problem.  Thus, many humans read just one or two books, learning just enough self-help psychology to change a particular thing or two they want to change in their world.  Self-help psychology offers us humans so much more than that.  I immediately realized it also offered me a chance at a completely different and better life via steady improvement in self in the world and consequent steady improvement in world.

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