Feeling A Glimpse Of Spirit

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If you've been working the exercise in my last blog post, you've been strengthening your ability to be aware or conscious of spirit via your feeling sense.  If you haven't been working it, slow down, reread that blog post, and practice that exercise for at least the next couple of weeks.  You can then come back to this blog post and practice the next exercise below for a couple of weeks.  This isn't as good as a month of practice, but it is better than leaping ahead without sufficient practice.

The point is to stretch your awareness away from its narrowed focus on physicality into consciousness of spirit.  For the last exercise as well as the one below, your feeling sense will serve you as a doorway.  It can serve as a doorway to increased strength in the same way that any physical muscle can serve as a doorway to increased physical strength.

We can think of our physical feeling sense physically, like a physical muscle.  With my physical feeling sense I can feel perform simple everyday tasks via, say, feeling the keys of my keyboard as I type this blog post, feeling the heated furnace air erase the cold winter air from my office, feeling the weight of all the other work waiting to be done on this particular day.  We physically feel a wide variety of things in our physical world via hands, skin, and general body awareness.  This is physical feeling.

Our physical feeling, however, can also be like a doorway into sensing spirit.  The exercise from the last blog post as well as the exercise below both employ our hands as doorways to feel beyond physical into spirit.  What we feel that is physical we can think of as solid, maybe heavy in texture.  What we feel of spirit we can think of as ethereal and subtle in texture.  What we feel of spirit is like feeling air.  For a moment, feel something solid with your hands versus feeling the lightness of air against the skin on your face.  Then take your physical feeling a step lighter and feel—generally feel—your whole body's sense of the day you that lies ahead of you.  Feeling spirit is a step or two lighter than even that.

Thinking about all of this and comparing it all as you do, you can continue practicing the exercise from my last blog post.  It can't be practiced too much.  Strengthening our physical muscles is not a one- or two-shot event.  It isn't even a one- or two-week event.  Strong muscles require ongoing practice.  While these exercises I'm giving you might be a tad boring, so is any physical muscle-strengthening workout.  Yet I try to do a muscle-strengthening workout at least three times each week.  In my case, one motivator is the ability it give me, a short and light-weight woman, to handle a motorcycle that weighs five times as much as me.  Your motivator for regular spirit-sensing exercises is handling ever bigger glimpses of spirit.  Add the following to your exercise routine.

You'll need a partner because you can't reach high enough above your own head.  A good friend will do.  They don't have to be interested in spirit, just interested in letting you try an experiment.  But better yet, find or make a friend also interested in feeling spirit and you can take turns trying the exercise out on each other. 

1. Again, rub your palms together until they start to feel warm.

2. Pull your hands a bit apart and hold them roughly a forearm's length above your friend's head with your palms facing down. 

3. Slowly and gently lower your palms toward your friend's head, again paying attention to your palms as you go.

4. Again, you'll feel the same sort of sensation somewhere along the way.

5. And again, if you don't, simply relax and repeat, playing with this exercise until you do.  Then keep practicing to strengthen your 'psychic' feeling muscle.

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