Catching A Glimpse Of Spirit

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Anyone can catch a glimpse of spirit these days.  Not that long ago in Western culture only religious leaders could, or at least that's what the rest of us were told and believed.  Still, I can remember feeling something when surrounded by other humans all of us singing a celebratory hymn.  And, as a young adult, I lived a wonderful couple of years praying to God and quite clearly receiving guidance.  As I matured and learned more about the ways of the world, however, I had to set belief in God aside.  There was so much about belief in God that did not make sense.

In those young adult years I also became curious about a different kind of spirit.  I didn't call it 'spirit' in those days.  I was curious about physics and their ability to see into the future.  Some of that was simply curiosity about my own future.  But most of it was curiosity about psychics themselves—what they could know, and how they could know it.

After I caught my glimpse of spirit, and began researching all things 'spirit,' I came across a definition that included reference to the root of the word.   I loved the idea that the word psychic basically means 'of the soul or mind.'  When I added to that the fact that I had glimpsed spirit through my own mind, I realized that the way that I could be psychic was to wake up to myself as spirit or soul.  My physical self, that is myself thinking I was a physical being in a physical world, experienced that physical world.  But the more I woke up to myself as spirit, the more I could experience things around me as spirit.

Now, this is not something the typical psychic knows, nor are they working at waking up to spirit.  They simply don't yet understand that they can.  They have not caught the big-picture kind of glimpse of spirit that reveals human life to be nothing but a dream.  I did catch a glimpse like that and that big-picture point of view stayed with me helping me understand that waking up to spirit, if worked at, could be a work in progress of seeing the world less and less and less and less physically real.

We might imagine the typical psychic as catching glimpses of bits and pieces of spirit, or parts, of maybe layers or levels.  We might also imagine a small hole or two, here and there, in their version of the dream of being human.  Either they can look through those holes and see a little spirit or a little spirit can get their attention through those holes.  A psychic can, of course, learn more about spirit, research it as I did, and in doing so maybe even catch a bigger glimpse or two, maybe even catch a big-picture glimpse as I did.

Any one of us can do what a psychic can do—catch a glimpse of a bit or piece or part of spirit.  And any one of us can catch an even bigger glimpse, even a big-picture glimpse.  The best approach to this, for now, is simply to learn and explore.  I'll be helping you out by blogging about this for the next while.

For now, start with the following exercise to strengthen your ability to feel yourself as spirit:

  1. Rub the palms of your hands together until they start to feel warm. 

  2. Palms still facing, pull your hands away from each other approximately body-width apart. 

  3. Slowly and gently move your hands back toward each other and pay attention to your palms as you go.

  4. Somewhere along the way you'll notice a subtle sensation—a warmth, a buzz, a resistance.  This is your spirit, something new agers might call your essence or energy.

  5. This will likely be something ever so slight that you might not notice it right away, but don't worry if you do not.  Simply repeat the exercise, play with it and relax, and sooner or later you will.

  6. Repeat this exercise until you do feel yourself as spirit, and then keep repeating it each day just like it is an exercise to strengthen your psychic feeling muscle, which it is.

Thinking Your Way To Spirit