Thinking Your Way To Spirit

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Nowaday I call my website and blog ‘Human to Spirit’ because it’s a spiritual blog  about humans communicating from human to spirit for the purpose of awakening from human to spirit.  When I first started my blog I called it 'What Are You Thinking' which didn’t sound very spiritual, but thinking like a human is what keeps us dreaming the dream that we are human and letting go of thinking like a human is what lets us awaken.

In a way, I am awake to spirit right now in that I have glimpsed spirit and I know it is real.  Really mine was just a glimpse of awakening, however.  It was a glimpse of the fact that we humans are dreaming being human, really are spirit instead, while spirit really is part of something even bigger and better which I like to call 'God' even though this something bigger and better isn't anything like the God of our human imaginings.

There are lots of kinds of glimpses of spirit.  Bits and pieces and parts are glimpsed by psychics and mediums and the like.  The rest of us might catch a long distance glimpse, kind of a sense that something greater is going on, something of which we all are part.  All of these glimpses are glimpses from the point of view of being a human inside the dream, though from inside the dream the glimpser doesn't realize that.

The Buddha had the best kind of glimpse, the kind that showed him he was dreaming and showed him being awake in spirit.  I'm not comparing myself to the Buddha.  He was a regular human like you and I, but he had as powerful and deep and rich a glimpse of spirit as a human can have.  Basically, he didn't just glimpse being awake as spirit, he did awaken.  The moniker 'Buddha' means 'Awakened One.'

The Buddha prepared for his glimpse and so did I.  The Buddha, as a regular snoozing human, sat down and studied his mind and pondered life's meaning until he found his own way through his own mind to awakening from his mind's dream of being human.  I, as a regular snoozing human, wondered about life's meaning too.  I was drawn to psychology, the Western version of mind exploration, well, at least I used it that way.  I worked it hard enough for long enough that I loosened my mind from the dream of being human.

I did glimpse being awake in spirit like the Buddha but mine was a quick and light glimpse.  I might call it a glimpse of a glimpse.  Still, it was more than a bit or piece or part, even bigger than a sense of something greater going on.  Then I had to do the rest of the Buddha-like work by researching spirit, awakening more and more as I did and do so.  I'll be blogging for the next while about all that I've learned.  It won't be every week but I'll leave you with a teaser to contemplate while you wait.

This week's teaser:  What work did the Buddha and I do that allowed us to eventually catch a glimpse of spirit?  We looked down into our own minds, discovered the mesh of human thinking there that was creating and sustaining our lives, and we learned to let it go. Any human can do this.

Catching A Glimpse Of Spirit

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