Dreaming And Re-Dreaming Physicality

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I've been blogging about the fact that there is only spirit.  I get the word 'spirit' from my religious upbringing but use the word without any of its old, and old-fashioned, religious connotations.  I do the same with the word 'God.'  When I caught my glimpse of a nonphysical base beneath physicality I needed some words to talk about it.  

It wasn't just a matter of non-physicality.  There was a sense of consciousness and even presence.  So I liked the word 'spirit.'  There also seemed to be types and layers or levels and an ultimate highest consciousness and/or presence.  I liked the word ‘God’ for that ultimate all-inclusive reality.

When I glimpsed spirit, I knew that I was spirit, not in the future, not after I died, but right here and right now.  I am spirit somehow dreaming I'm human.  Everyone and everything else is spirit too.  We're all in this dream together.  That's basically all I knew.  I knew no detail.  And I had no proof.  Fortunately, I like doing research, research about life, and I like testing that research by experimenting with life.

It's easy to research non-physicality, spirit, and God.  Science knows about non-physicality all the way back to the Big Bang.  And the world is filled with belief systems that all began with humans sensing or glimpsing something beyond physicality.  Those belief systems are mostly stories told by humans, but a lot of useful information has also been gathered.  When pooled, it nicely supports what I glimpsed.  And, all kinds of ordinary humans like me are having similar experiences nowadays, pooling old and new ideas and information through a movement called 'new age.'  I like to think of it as a new age of thinking for humankind, the age when we begin to think like spiritkind.

More supportive than the research is the experimentation I've been doing.  I've been learning how to change physical reality without touching it physically.  I've evolved the process through many stages which I'll talk about over the next few blog posts.  I've evolved myself in the process so that nowadays I can simply work on re-dreaming the dream as I dream it.  Over the next few blog posts about change I'm going to review how I learned to do this.

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