Think About Spirit Instead Of The World

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In my last two blog posts I talked about how we all are spirit and how we can act like we are spirit by thinking about how others are spirit too.  That might sound like an odd idea, focusing on others to spiritually improve ourselves.  It's not such an odd idea, though, if we consider that physical life isn't really real.

True spirituality is realizing that something bigger is going on.  There is a nonphysical core of things, of all things, and beings, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, mean or kind.  We tend to call that core 'spirit.'  It has a higher aspect, the 'something bigger' we all can sense.  The problem with all current spiritual thinking, whether religious in base, or new age, or some other such thing, well, the problem is that it all is too human.

We humans dichotomize physical and spiritual.  But there is no physical.  Physicality, and being human within it, is an illusion, a dream.  So, the essence of useful spiritual practice should be working not to dichotomize.  There is no heaven up there and earth down here.  There is no spiritually evolving you and a whole bunch of others around you and out in the world who just aren't getting it yet.  And there is no problem out there that is making you miserable.

Regards the last thing, there is only you.  Whatever it is that you think is causing you a problem, work on you regards that problem.  Work on what you know, work on what you think, work on what you feel, and grow and evolve you.  Just doing that, truly doing that, most times, will resolve most problems.

Regards the middle thing, there isn't anybody else who is not getting it, while you are getting it.  There is only you.  So if you are judging anybody else in your world or the world, well, it's you who isn't getting what waking up to spirit really means.  It means that the physical world isn't the ultimate reality and a nonphysical, something greater, spirit base is instead.

So, regards the first thing, there is no world out there, as hard as that might be to believe.  Yes, the dream of this world, your world, your life, seems pretty real.  You can reach out and touch it.  I'm not going to argue that point, not at this point anyway.  I'm only going to say this.  Do your thing, be responsible, take care of your part of the dream of this world, but think about spirit instead of the world.  Then watch what transpires.

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