There Is A God

When we sense something greater 'out there' I believe we can sense through this reality up through something like levels of spirit all the way to the edge of something like Great Spirit or God.  As I said last week, I don't believe that from within human consciousness we can do anything more than just touch the edge of the magnificence that might be thought of as 'God.'

It is interesting, though, that we sense that edge 'out there' yet we're doing the sensing from 'in here'—from inside our own consciousness.  This is more a case of working to open or stretch into this awareness through levels.  After a while I came to understand that I was not sensing anything literally 'out there' because it all is part of one vast 'consciousness' of which my little human consciousness is also part.

I do believe in something I call God.  I believe because I have touched the edge of that place or presence beyond the vastness of consciousness that my little human consciousness can stretch itself to sense.

I'm comfortable with that name for what I sense at that edge, but any name will do.  I have no specific beliefs around that word.  I just like it because it implies something much bigger than anything I can possibly imagine.  I like to imagine it, though.  It helps stretch my consciousness out toward the edge of letting go the dream of being human.  Still, I keep an open mind about my imagining.  Nice pun.

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Is There A God