Life's Nonphysical Underlay

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In last week's blog post I talked about re-dreaming the dream of physical life by effecting change physically, something we all do every day.  I found it pretty easy to get a job, work at it, gain experience, get a better job, gain more experience, get an even better job, gain even more experience, and so on.  Each better job also meant more money and having more money let me live in better places and enjoy a better lifestyle.  After a while, though, I topped out on the physical changes I could easily make to my world, yet I still wanted better jobs, more pay, better places to live, and a better lifestyle.  Fortunately, I began to learn about life’s nonphysical underlay and its influence on life's dream.

I was into the second 20 years of my life by then, but that was 40 years ago. I didn’t know about spirit, I didn't know there was anything other than physicality, and I certainly wasn’t using terms like ‘nonphysical underlay.’  Physicality was pretty solidly real to me.  But like I said, I wanted more from physicality.  I just couldn't figure out how to make it possible anymore.  And I was unhappy about that.  Mind you, I thought the problem was me; everyone else around me seemed okay with their lot in life.  Then something new caught my attention, something called self-help psychology.  Nowadays it's a billion-selling market, but back then I bought basically the first book on bookstore shelves.

Self-help psychology intrigued me because it seemed to offer a way to better understand myself.  And it did.  It turned my attention away from the physical world and showed me the feeling, thinking, and believing going on inside me, automatically, and constantly, as I dealt with life.  I'd been running along with it but I'd never paid much attention to it.  If you stop for a minute right now you’ll notice yourself thinking about what I’m writing, maybe feeling a little something in response, and maybe having an opinion about it.  Opinions are based on beliefs.  But note that you had to stop and deliberately look away from the world in front of you and back at yourself to fully be aware of that mental activity.

We live life all the time at the surface of ourselves.  On the surface of us, we meet the surface of life.  Meanwhile our mind is in back of us, beneath our surface, processing what we meet and determining how we deal with it.  It does this based on what it has learned to expect from life, so far.  Thus is the dream of life re-dreamed, but re-dreamed in the same old way over and over again.

The human mind is the first layer beneath physicality's dream, its nonphysical underlay.  Once I began to learn about my mind and its automatic activity, I began to make some changes in my thinking, feeling, and believing, those changes changed me, and I changed my physical life.  It's a pretty straightforward process, and the reason self-help psychology has become a billion-selling market.  It's work, but it can change our physical world without any need for physical effort.  All effort is nonphysical.  I'll talk more about non-physicality in next week's blog post.

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