Humans And Websites Evolving

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I hope you like the revamp of my website and blog.  I'm now reworking the blog content.

My emphasis was always intended to me humans evolving into spirit, though technically I believe the process is actually one of awakening.  We are awakening to our true selves as spirit, having been asleep and dreaming we are human, a dream that has lasted many lifetimes.

For a couple of decades now I've been helping others with this process, while working on it myself.  This unusual career of mine has morphed through several phases.

I started my website and blog phase with the name 'What Are You Thinking' because I have always emphasized the application of sound thinking in both learning about and evolving into spirit.  I know what I know because I research and I experiment, sound thinking always at the forefront.  Well, intuition balances it nicely.  

But emphasizing thinking on my original website and blog, in the end, actually took away from the emphasis on spiritual evolution.  The key for me, in my teaching and writing and intuitive reading is helping others with personal growth, life change, spiritual evolution, and leaving the dream of living human life behind.

So I've chosen a new name, 'Human To Spirit,' which does emphasize the entire process.  In the background I'll still be talking about the use of sound thinking to work the process, sound thinking balanced by intuition.

Hang in there.  I'll be blogging regularly again soon.  And thanks for your patience and support.

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