Is There A God

Still on the subject of music, Reba McEntire's new album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope, has a song that got me thinking.  When I last checked the iTunes store it was the most popular song on the album.

It is called There Is a God and it's basically about nature and beauty and wonder and mystery here on earth that tell us there is a God.  In other words, there is a God in back of it all, and some of us conclude that God created it all.  Now, I'm not arguing with Reba or criticizing her or her album or this song.  I love her, I love her music, and I am buying music from this album.  And, as I said last week, I hear religious songs differently.

But let's look for a minute at the idea that we can sense God in this world.  I would have to describe it more as sensing God through this world.  And then I'd have to say that all we really could be certain of is that we are sensing higher presence, consciousness, spirit, and/or energy.  I use the word higher to describe something greater than our lower human presence, consciousness, spirit, and/or energy.

Indeed, we can, or it sure seems like we can sense God in or through this world.  That's how religions got started, if you take a bit of a look at human history.  As soon as we humans started thinking, we started wondering about the how and why of the world and universe around us.

At first we simply told stories to try and make sense of and explain what we observed around us in our world and universe.  All kinds of early stories were told and those ancient stories morphed over time into the modern beliefs, religious and philosophic, of the various cultures around the world.

We sense something greater because there is something greater.  That doesn't necessarily mean that something greater created this world.  In fact, by the very meaning of the term 'something greater' we would have to conclude that this something exists outside of this world and universe.  What we are sensing is more like the edge of that presence, out there somewhere, beyond this world and universe, missing us, loving us, hoping to inspire us to wake back up and join it out there.

There Is A God

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