A Simulation Or A Dream

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The past few blog posts I've talked about the idea of multiverses.  A recent Live Science article by Mindy Weisberger (link below) gives a great overview.

As I've said, there is no proof, other than my sense that I'm sharing life with a husband who is actually living in a different universe than mine.  But scientists have worked with several ideas about how this might work.

Weisberger talks about these ideas.  Most interesting to me is the idea of quantum universes, an idea popular in new age writing and in sci-fi movies.  Weisberger's description of its premise is that 'every decision a person makes spawns a new timeline, creating a new and self-contained universe that follows a different path.'

Of course, we then must ask how real our reality, our universe, really is.  And if you've been reading my blog you know that I've done enough reading and experimenting to believe that it is only as real as we think it is.

I believe our universe is best described as a dream, a pretty convincing and absorbing and solid-seeming dream, granted, but a dream from which we can awaken though it will take some work. Weisberger talks about it as 'a simulation of some kind…' and makes reference to the movie The Matrix as an example.

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