Music To Uplift Us

I love what I call spiritual music.  I can't listen to it all the time.  I love music too much generally and simply have to hear all kinds, well, pretty much allkinds.  When it comes to music, I have very eclectic taste.

I love a good beat, especially an uplifting beat.  But I love many sad songs, too, for the beauty of their presentation.

Some days I need country.  Rarely is it loud and aggressive barroom-type country anymore.  But give me music by the likes of Joey + Rory, Lisa Brokop, Hal Ketchum, Alan Jackson, or the Mavericks and I'm happy.  And I love old country.  I grew up on it.

Much of the popular music I like I pick up from movie soundtracks or credit accompaniment.  And thank goodness for Shazam and Soundhound.  The ability to pop open an app, let it listen to a few lines of musac, and then have the tune identified for me is a godsend to a music-lover eclectic taste.

Some days I feel like country, other days old country or oldies, other days current pop or vintage pop, on occasion I even feel like rock music, and many days I feel like classical or new age or spiritual and tap these self-created iTunes playlists of my favourites.  Or I'll simply play a mix of all of this from my Favourite playlist.  At Christmas I have a huge Christmas playlist that gets a lot of use.

As to the spiritual playlist, well, most people would call it religious but I listen beyond the words and let the songs correspond to my beliefs.  For example, my spiritual list of songs has lots of Christian music, the good old songs like Softly and Tenderly, In the Garden, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  You can't beat Randy Travis singing these songs, or Reba McEntire on her new album.

For a little spiritual fun I like Dropkick Me, Jesus from Bobby Bare or Everybody Want to Go to Heaven by Alison Krauss and The Cox Family.  To be uplifted and have a little fun I like Daniel Prayed or Rise Up Lazarus as sung by Patty Loveless, very Christian but I hear not that but the invitation to be uplifted.

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