My exposure to music started when Iwas young, first with my parents' records and then my own.  Yes, I'm that old.  It was such a mark of progress, to my way of thinking, when tapes came along and we could take music along with us in cars.  Music is one of my passions.

Then came CD's.  Their biggest benefit as far as I was concerned was push-button access.  I could instantly access a favourite song, or set it to repeat, or have it repeat over and over again until I tired of it.

The next big revolution for me was iTunes.  For a while I kept buying CDs, used to and wanting hard copies, and needing them for my car.  Then came a new computer and the ability to 'write' my own CDs.  I downloaded my music collection into iTunes and began making CDs full of nothing but favourites.

My husband soon got the brilliant idea of giving me iTunes gift cards.  I started by downloading bits and pieces of old favourite songs and artists from childhood through to my CD years.  He also gifted me with an iPod but I still needed CDs in my car.

Nowadays, however, I've progressed to a car that plays my iTunes.  In fact, that was more a priority in making my car purchase choice than any practical consideration.  And, I have an iPhone.  I've created my own playlists full of favourites for any and every occasion and take them with me everywhere I go.  Life just couldn't get better.

A couple of months ago I came across a great book on the discount shelves, all about doing exactly what I've done.  It was published in 2012.  It's called Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, authors Galina Mindlin, Don Durousseau, and Joseph Cardillo.  It offers advice in creating playlists aimed at motivating a variety of purposes.  I think of it as playlists to change your thinking.

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