Changing Reality

In last week's blog post I wrote about a Live Science article on multiple universes, an idea scientists can't prove but enjoy exploring, including exploring various versions of how this might work.  My favourite version is that of quantum universes.

It might work something like this.  We make a decision, it affects our reality, and we move on.  This is the view of creating reality as seen by the common human viewpoint that we are in a solid physical reality (maybe even one created by one of humanity's many ideas of 'God'.) 

Psychology would say we can change that reality simply by changing our mind about it, simply by seeing it differently.  Spirituality would have a similar point of view, but a spiritual viewpoint that saw spirit as the source of reality would see us able to literally alter physicality itself.

Science would look at quantum universes.  I make this choice and produce this universe.  Another choice has simultaneously produced an adjacent alternate reality.  And the number of adjacent alternate realities depends upon the number of possible choices.  We're thinking of just one choice point, mind you.  Our lives are filled with points where choices must be made, choices of little consequence, choices of major consequence.  The resulting multiplicity of universes could conceivably be endless.

This is my favourite concept because this kind of thinking about projecting reality excites me.  It is also my favourite concept because ever since first reading about it in new age books and seeing it expressed in a sci-fi movie or two, I have also thought about the idea that I can change my reality just as easily as making a different choice.

My imagination is not held back by the idea that physical reality in this universe is slow to change.  No, I simply imagine my choice projecting me into one of my alternate universes.

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