Scientific Spirituality

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If we are to truly understand what spirit and Spirit and God (by whatever name) is really all about, then we humans need to take in every bit of information known so far, and then some more.  We may or may not have caught our first inner glimpse of spirit, but if we have not, educating ourselves outside will court that glimpse.

This inner and outer quest for spirit is the work of generic spirituality.  And these days the external research can and should include science.  Science is supposed to be opposed to spirituality.  But many scientists have become spiritual believers because of science has learned about the universe.

I don't remember much science from my school years, but later I found bits and pieces of scientific reference in new age books.  This supported my belief in spirit.  Lately, though, I've been reading But nothing compared to the spiritual awakening I experienced reading books, just science books, and awakening spiritually from reading them.

What science knows these days confirms that physical reality isn't the solid thing we think it is.  We come from the same stuff as made the stars and us, the stars, and everything else in the universe came into existence out of absolutely nothing except maybe a thought.

Humans have sensed this and told stories, tales, and myths about it ever since human consciousness began.  And now science has proven it to be true.  

And there is much more that science knows in support of other spiritual things we have sensed and tried to explain.  Science is picking up speed in it's ability to explain all these spiritual things.  The goal is a theory that explains everything and science is very close to having it.

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