Spirituality Needs Psychology

After learning psychology for a while, my personally sought education expanded into generic spirituality.  I very quickly learned that being human is an illusion, as is living life on earth.

We humans are actually beings of spirit.  Reality is spirit as well. I'm not saying that spirit (or Spirit or Great/Spirit) created this reality.  I am saying that the physicality of reality is an illusion, world and universe.  What is real instead is spirit and so on.

I have been learning more and more about this, steadily, for decades now.  I just keep reading and slowly but steadily accumulating more knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  But I became interested in this learning via psychology.  I started out wanting to learn what it meant to be human.

I was basically asking how life worked and why it worked that way and stumbled on some self-help books many decades ago.  After decades educating myself about being human via self-help psychology, I was ready to discover that I wasn't even human at all.  It was kind of like peeling layers back and back and back.

Thanks to years learning via self-help psychology that what I thought and felt and believed was really only true in my mind, I read my first new age book.  It said that physical reality, including being human, is an illusion.  I had no trouble believing it, instantly.

But that experience was nothing compared to the creative power I experienced when I began to learn about the deeper spiritual essence of physical reality.  Awareness of it is accessed within our own minds.  That is the essential work of generic spirituality.

Inner And Outer Spirituality

Generic Spirituality