Generic Spirituality

New age spirituality can sometimes be, or be for some people, just another kind of religion.

Religion by my definition is really just human thinking.  From inside being human we tell ourselves some sort of story about the something greater that we sense around us in the world.  There are a number of these stories.  They offer limited spiritual insight because they stories are told from inside the limits of human thinking, human thinking distorted by all kinds of psychological baggage.  

Typically, religion these days is distinguished from spirituality in this way.  Religion is defined as some sort of external structure to our belief, say, a church, a community of fellow believers, and a bunch of rules about what we can believe or not believe and what we can do and not do.  Spirituality, then, is defined as an inner sense of something greater.

Having nearly thirty years of exposure to new age thinking I have encountered all kinds of people open to that inner sense of something greater.  Yet they are still caught up in too much group and personal psychology, as are many experts teaching and writing about new age thinking.  So, new age belief can all too often amount to just another religion though, granted, quite a disorganized religion.

So, when I talk spirituality these days I talk generic spirituality.  We sense something greater inside.  We know that it is greater than our tiny human minds.  We learn everything we can about what we humans know spiritually so far.  We stay open to higher guidance so we can keep stretching our thinking about spirit.

Spirituality Needs Psychology