Help Me To See

So, if my world is a dream, a holographic or matrix-like projection, how much can I change?  Well, I live life like a giant lab experiment.  First I do some research.  And then I check that research out in my own life.

I know I have some influence because I've been experimenting with this, in stages, throughout my adult life.  It began with psychology which taught me that my thinking, feeling, and believing influenced what I perceived in my world.

It seems like the other way around, like stuff happens first and then we think, feel, and form a belief.  But if we play around with our belief, feeling, and thinking stuff outside us can change.  Of course we need some education in just how to go about doing this, but that is available via self-help books.

Next I got into spirituality.  Experimenting with this too, I went deeper in understanding the power of my mind to change my world.  It begins by opening to a deeper understanding of what is really going on in the world.

Many tap spirituality knowing nothing about psychology and stay caught thinking like a human.  My aim was having higher guidance help me raise my perspective and slowly but surely wake up out of my dream of this world.  Evolving my consciousness also evolved my world.

Humans And Websites Evolving

A Simulation Or A Dream