Dreaming A Dream Of Reality

The best spiritual thinking about the how and why of reality tells us it's all about consciousness projecting this reality into being, some sort of greater consciousness than ours.  We humans have always been able to sense this greater 'presence' out there somewhere and we have deified it, called it various names, and told all kinds of tales to try to make life make sense.

In modern times, there are several major belief systems about reality, believed with religious fervour, but all come from more simple earlier beliefs.  The world's religions began from a sense that there was something greater 'out there.'  But generic spirituality today is all about modern humans sensing a connection to that something greater deep within themselves.

It is like we sense the something greater projecting the hologram of this reality.  And we sense our connection to the process, somewhere along the way.  We are actually part of the process.

Back behind the Big Bang, the 'something greater' sees all of this in 2D.  On our side of the Big Bang, however, we have gotten lost dreaming a 3D dream.  We have come to believe the dream is real.  After all, it surrounds us, full-on 3D.  In fact, it seems to be 4D since we're dreaming time into being too.

Think about human nighttime dreams, 2D visual projections of everyday human mind.  They are merely mental projections but we have become immersed in them.  We believe the dream is real.

More Than One Reality

Projecting Reality