Holographic Universe

My husband loves to send me science articles.  He's not that much into science, though his basic education in it is better than mine.  He's into the news.  As for me, I'm into science, lately.  But I still have much to learn.  I'm so busy learning that I can't keep up with the news.

It was a while ago that my husband sent me a copy of a CBC News article by Nicole Mortillaro, link below.  The article is dated February 1, 2017.  It talks about how scientists from around the world are exploring the idea that the universe is actually a hologram.

A holographic projection starts as a 2D image, like a movie on a screen.  The movie becomes a 3D image when it is projected not to a screen but say to a spot in a room from several locations all around that spot.  The 2D to 3D effect is emphasized in the CBC article.

Were we in the room we could walk all around the projected image and it would appear to be3D real as we did so.  Were we to try to touch it, however, touch a typical holographic projection today, we would find there was no substance to it.  We would see it but it wouldn't be physically real

But let's add a little imagination anyway, which is kind of the point of a 3D holographic image in the first place.  So think about a giant mind projecting our universe via a 3D printer that projects and prints out a universe we can actually physically touch.  The printer uses some atoms, molecules, photons, gravity fields, and so on.  And the holograph takes shape as our apparent physical universe.

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