The Karmic Wheel

The karmic wheel is often depicted amateurishly as an endless cycle of action and reaction, something like I act cruelly toward you in this lifetime and you get even in the next.  Maybe it does work like this in the early, childish lifetimes of dreaming the living of life.  After some number of lifetimes, however, hopefully, we begin to grow up.  Karma can be seen as the great motivator.

The secret to speeding things up, when you're finally ready to let go and wake up out of the dream and its karmic cycle, is to let go and wake up.  It is that simple, although of course it's also not.  Educating yourself so you can make better choices is a good way to begin.

Start with psychology.  Then add some spirituality, some generic spirituality.

Buddhist philosophy and meditation are excellent tools for enhancing your generic spiritual education.  There is no better way to learn about the dreaming human mind than observing it for yourself, with guidance to help in sorting out what you're observing.

If you are strong enough and work hard enough, a book education might be guidance enough.  A book education has worked, and still is working, for me.  But a book education in Buddhist meditation was probably enough for me because I already had a solid grounding in self-help psychology.

I had established myself as an objective observer of the tricks the human mind plays so it can keep the dream of human life alive.  I worked 20 years at educating myself in self-help psychology before I began another 20 years of work educating myself in generic spirituality.

If you don't like the idea of working at this, well, I describe it that way only because I've seen so many others around me take the process too lightly.  They end up frustrated because they don't really get anywhere.  For them the karmic wheel just keeps on spinning.  The work I'm talking about will allow you to get off that wheel.

The Tarot Wheel