Inner And Outer Spirituality

I first woke up to spirit because I'd been educating myself in psychology.  I'd worked hard at self-help psychology for a long while and it had shaken loose my thinking from seeing the world as a hard physical reality.

I read every self-help psychology book I could, and I read the background stuff.  Not all of it is all that useful.  But I read it all because how else could I know what was useful and not.  I also experimented with it and that is how I learned just how much human thinking influences its reality.

Once I knew how much influence my thinking had on reality it was easy for me to catch a glimpse of spirit reading an early new age book.  Suddenly I understood that being a physical human living a physical life is just an illusion.

Then I read every new age book I could.   And I supplemented the new age stuff.  I now talk 'generic spirituality' rather than 'new age spirituality' because it turns out that new age thinking is just like one more religion.  Religion is not spirituality.

I have heard spirituality defined as an inner experience.  We get to know spirit personally by connecting with it deep within ourselves.  This is in opposition to religious experience which is outer-focused, not all that much about spirit, and more about the stories we humans have told ourselves to make sense of things.

Spirituality is something we find for ourselves.  Within myself, I connect to spirit and Spirit and something I like to call 'God' though It has nothing to do with any religious ideas about God.  I trust all of this because I have worked with it and I have researched what others know about it.

Scientific Spirituality

Spirituality Needs Psychology