In the early years of my adult life I made many changes thanks to a self-education in psychology.  I kept at it, learning and experimenting with what I learned.  Mostly I learned to see myself objectively, change my thinking where needed, and that led to much success in life.

The work side of my life made a great psychology lab.  I went from being a secretary to having one, from working for men to working on equal footing with them, from being trapped in an office to travelling  North America, and from a junior staff position into upper middle management.  I couldn't have done this without the psychology I learned.

I changed how I saw myself and I changed my interactions with others, the former assisting the latter.  I learned that my thinking formed beliefs and feelings and that it all came together and influenced my world.  I worked self-help psychology for 20 years.

I loved psychology more than anything else, that is until I bumped into spirituality, generic spirituality, mostly in the form of new age books.  Psychology helped me change my life.  Spirituality created miracles in it.  

The very first new age book I read led to my meeting the love of my life.  And that was after 10 years being single.  The second new age book I read led to an instant shift in my consciousness.  I stopped believing that I was a physical living in a physical world and began to learn about spirit (and Spirit and so on) instead.

That led to another 20 years of work.  I learned everything I could about spirituality, the generic new age version, as well as the basics of belief systems around the world.  For a long time now we humans have been telling stories to try to make sense of our world.  There is truth in all of them but none tell the whole truth.

Nothing creates better miracles in life than working generic spirituality.  By working it I mean educating yourself consistently and applying that education to your life.  The point is steadily waking up out of the dream of being a physical being living in a physical world.

Generic Spirituality

Spiritual Education