Spiritual Education

An even better enhancement to your education in psychology and generic spirituality is A Course in Miracles.  It can tend to come across as just more Christianity.  It is not. 

It is more like the generic spirituality that could and should have grown instead of Christianity.  It also needn't exclude, nor does it oppose, any other belief system that we are currently dreaming on this planet.

Generic spirituality is about finding our connection to spirit (and Spirit and so on) within ourselves.  As we let go of the dream of being human, via a little Western psychology and maybe a little Eastern psychology too (Buddhist philosophy and meditation,) we can begin the work of waking up from dreaming that we are human into awareness of ourselves as spirit (and Spirit and so on.)

That path lies within, but we need some higher help.  And not just any old higher help will do.  We need to back up from the trickery of the humans mind.  Then we need to turn around to spirit, then Spirit, then beyond.  We need to learn that we are not only getting beyond our own minds but beyond mass consciousness and beyond this world and beyond this universe.

Educating ourselves in the latest science can help.  It will take us back to the edge of the universe, anyway.  But after that, even science has to be let go.

I say, educate yourself in all of it.  That worked for me.  Of course, I have also worked at it.  I still recommend The Course in Miracles, though.  If you really get to understand it, there is no better way to wake up from the dream of being human.

Read Gary Renard's books first if you want a head-start.  I would also recommend reading his books first so you don't get detoured by a more superficial interpretation of the Course.  There is no better spiritual education than A Course in Miracles, though that education might need some extra enhancement, like self-help psychology, generic spirituality, and Buddhist meditation.


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