I love movies.  My youngest sister tells me I should have been a movie critic.  She was still a kid when I was in my late teens.  Now she tells stories of me not only taking her to movies but also excitedly describing the movies in anticipation of taking her.  Those descriptions are what she thinks make me a natural movie critic.  But I just love watching movies.  I have no talent at critiquing them.

I love the creativity.  I love being entertained.  I especially love being entertained by movies because they allow me to immerse myself in other lives and stories.  I love reading fiction books for the same reason, although I'm a bit more selective with books than with movies.  Still, I won't see just any old thing.

Sometimes my movie watching is about pure pleasure.  La La Land is a good recent example.  But most movies also teach and inspire me.  La La Land taught me about choices and motivated me toward greater creativity. 

Eddie the Eagle brought me lots of comedic entertainment pleasure.  But I learned a lot from Eddie's story too.  For a long time now I've believed in life mission or purpose and Eddie certainly had one.  His upbeat attitude and his sheer determination despite all that stood against him are greatly inspirational, and all the more so since Eddie's story is true.

Similarly entertaining, educational, and inspirational, and also true, is Hidden Figures.  What those women managed to achieve in that time and place should be known, and admired, by one and all.  I'd have to say their stories also speak to purpose and mission, as well as being in the right place at the right time and with the right attitude.

Movies that inspire as well as entertain offer many gifts, too many gifts to cover in a brief blog post.  Whether truth or fiction, however, one of the most important gifts that movies and books offer me is the chance to gain a taste of someone else's experience without having to live it.  I think of this as mini-reincarnation.


Time Is A Matter Of Focus