Resolve To Act Like Spirit

Resolve To Act Like Spirit Watermarked.jpg

Do you want to make an unusual New Year's Resolution?  You could resolve to act like you really are spirit.  Here's an idea to get you started.

Begin by choosing to see everyone around you, whether you love them or not, like them or not, or even personally know them or not, as a spirit being just like you.

Next, think about them doing the best they can with the dream of life, just like you.  They hurt just like you, love just like you, want and need just like you.  They are not perfect, just like you.  You want to be understood for not being perfect, they do too.

And, whether they judge you, get angry with you, do something that hurts you, treat you unkindly, or whatever, choose not to react, retaliate, judge back, get angry back, do something to hurt them, treat them unkindly.  Don't even see them at fault in any way.

Instead, choose to see them as lost for a moment but capable of noticing their behaviour and changing it.  Give them some space and some respect, and above all, treat them as well as you wish they would treat you.

Think About Spirit Instead Of The World

We All are Spirit