Physically Changing Life's Dream

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In last week's blog post I talked about re-dreaming our dream of life.  In last week's blog post I talked about re-dreaming our dream of life.  If all is really spirit and life is really a dream, then we should be able to re-dream the dream as it is happening.  This is not as difficult as it sounds.  You're already doing it actually.  Since  the physicality of life is a dream, then anything you do physically to effect change is re-dreaming life's dream.  Of course, we don't know life is a dream.  We're inside the dream, experiencing life as a physically real thing.

I spent the first 20 years or so of my life experiencing life as a physically real thing.  I was a kid during much of that time, being taught about physical life as a thing.  Nobody said anything about life being a dream.  Everything I was told, everything I witnessed, everything I experienced, taught me that life is physically real.  Therefore, it also taught me that life could only be changed if physical effort were applied.  I also sort of learned that I could use my mind to change things but the point was applying my mind to whatever physical effort might be required.  I started adult life early, at age 17.  The first physical changes I wanted to make were getting a job, making some money, and trying adult life out all on my own.

I was good at changing practical and fairly impersonal things, like finding good places to live, finding good jobs, steadily increasing my income, and making sure I had good times with good friends.  Effecting change in the world, to me, seemed logically easy to do.  Take finding a job as an example.  There was a process and I worked it.  I could influence job-getting outcome just by how hard and well I worked the process.  The process was hunt for appropriate jobs, find those that appealed, work up an impressive resume, apply, follow up, prepare for interviews, go to interviews, pick the best job offered.  I often received multiple offers.

After a while, though, the basic kinds of jobs I qualified for were no longer challenging or fun.  So I began to mentally tweak the physical process of job-change.  I decided that a career would give me better options.  I researched and picked out a suitable career.  Then I added appropriate education, the right kinds of new skills, and some personal polish.  This was something of an ongoing process, but this mental effort greatly helped me change my physical life.  I successfully progressed through a series of career positions.  But I was able to do this because I began to learn about and explore life's nonphysical underlay.  I'll talk more about this in next week's blog post.  I'll talk more about this in next week's blog post.  



Life's Nonphysical Underlay

Dreaming And Re-Dreaming Physicality