Re-Dreaming Life's Dream

From NASA website, Picture Gallery

From NASA website, Picture Gallery

For a while now I've been writing a series of blog posts on change.  Life is a dream that we dream day by day, apparent day by day that is.  We aren't conscious that we're dreaming life.  We’re dreaming it subconsciously, dreaming our personal version.  The rest of the bigger human dream is dreamed from deeper than that, bigger than that.  When we arrive, the bigger human dream is already underway.  We join in and experience it while building a set of personal expectations about life, as it will be for us.  We store these expectations subconsciously and little by little that subconscious part of our mind takes over and dreams for us our personal version of life.

There is room for change in our subconscious dream, via choices we make along the way.  And, if needed, self-help psychology can help us with this sort of simple everyday change.  In fact, many of the billions of humans turning to self-help psychology today are doing so for not much more than making simple everyday change.  It is usually good change but this sort of simple everyday change is also superficial change, change on the surface of the original dream.  The psychology is superficial too, and the books about it, the methods often described as ‘bandaid’ approaches, the books ‘quick-fix.’  This type of psychological change barely touches our subconscious programming, if it touches it at all.

I didn't merely read a quick-fix book or two.  I didn't even read a summary book or two.   There are some books that try to summarize psychology, but psychology can't be summarized, not in one book, 20 books, 100 books.  I've worked with it for 20 years and I can't summarize it.  Psychology is the study of something that can barely be studied—the human mind—and the studying is being done by the human mind from inside the human mind while the human mind is studying itself.  It sounds kind of hopeless.  It is not.  In my experienced opinion, the best approach is the one I took.  I read book after book after book by experts who had devoted themselves to studying the human mind as objectively as they could and I used those books as guidebooks while I trekked the terrain of my own mind.

The mind merely reflects the current ongoing dream, the one life shows the mind and teaches it to expect.  Then the mind takes over and keeps dreaming it.  When I couldn’t see a future for myself other than working clerical or secretarial office jobs, that was my mind dreaming the original dream life had shown me.  That dream wasn't enough to satisfy me, however, so I chose to try to improve it.  I worked my way through a series of improved office jobs, a series of choices that mildly changed my original dream.  After a while, those changes weren't enough to satisfy me.  It was then that I stumbled upon my first self-help psychology book.  As I read book after book, I steadily mapped the terrain of my subconscious programming.  I also re-landscaped terrain I didn't like.  I didn't just change things in my life, things in my original dream.  I changed my mind, changed the dream.  I re-dreamed a different version of my life.

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