Effecting Physical Change Mentally

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My story of success as I told it in last week's blog post might sound like just more physical change.  I added some education and then climbed its career ladder of success, one job after another, to the top, or most of the way to the top anyway.  I posted a blog about effecting physical change in the physical world in much the same way just a few weeks ago.  In that earlier part of my story l also physically moved myself upward from job to job, though only so far because of a lack in education.  Yet it wasn't just the additional education that made the difference later.  Through self-help psychology I also learned to effect physical change mentally.

Self-help psychology was my first exposure to the idea of mental change.  Before I started working with self-helped psychology, like everybody else around me I assumed I simply was who I was.  With study and application of self-help psychology, I discovered that I was who I believed I was and that those beliefs could be changed.  It started with something simple.  It started with increased confidence and that confidence started with something even simpler.  I noticed my mind.

The mind's activity is thinking, feeling, and believing.  We don't stop and process our thinking and feeling and believing, afresh with each life situation.  It happens automatically, programmed early in this lifetime, and probably also in even earlier lifetimes.  Yes, we did the programming, but even that was automatic.  And by the time we are teens our minds are running along automatically in response to life and we're running along automatically with our minds.

Self-help psychology stops the running.  Let's say it picks a single situation.  In my case the situation was that I hated the endless mindless jobs.  Self-help psychology took my focus away from the apparent hopelessness I saw in front of me and put that focus instead on the hopeless thinking, feeling, and believing in back of me, in my mind.  That was revelation enough.  Life wasn't making me respond; instead, the response was my standard outlook on life.  There was an even bigger revelation than that, however.  I could change my standard outlook on life and self-help psychology had all kinds of suggestions of ways to play around with doing exactly that.

So I did do exactly that, gradually, of course.  A network of beliefs, for example, can't be torn apart and rewoven overnight.  But a part of the network could be woven overnight, for example, believing there was a career path and an education for me.  I could have practically looked for and found that education, for example.  That would have been mental change in me prompting physical change in me prompting physical change in the world.  However, the right education found me, simply because I changed my mind.  Mental change in me directly effected physical change in my world.

In a two-person office, me as one person, secretary to a second person who was my boss, that kind and gentle boss sat down with me one day to talk.  In that talk, he basically told me that I needed to do something more than just being a secretary.  And he said that he had the perfect career idea for me.  These days, I'd call that synchronicity but back then it was simply a simple little miracle in my life.  I'll talk more about mental change effecting physical change in next week's blog post.

Changing My Mind

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