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In last week’s blog post I talked about how our subconscious mind automatically—and unconsciously—dreams everyday life for us humans.  It basically re-dreams, over and over again, our earliest dreamed impressions of life.  Even if, somewhere along the way, we catch a glimpse of spirit and decide to work to wake up more fully to spirit, the subconscious part of our mind will sabotage that process by keeping up the old repetitive re-dreaming in the background.  However, I believe we can work to become conscious of the subconscious and use its re-dreaming function to re-dream our way toward awakening.  I believe this because I’m doing it.

I actually started becoming conscious of and making use of the subconscious part of my mind and its re-dreaming function long before I caught my glimpse of spirit.  I was introduced to my subconscious mind by self-help psychology.  This was about 40 years ago.  I was into the second 20 years of my life.  These days self-help psychology is a billion-selling market.  Back then there were few books available and I probably bought one of the first.

Most people look to psychology simply because they get frustrated with life’s repetitive pattern.  They begin to notice in at least some area of life that they keep repeating the same old same old patterns and therefore are not able to achieve what they want to achieve—a better job, a career, higher income, more friends, better friends, a marriage, a good marriage, and so on.  These days, help is at the ready.

They turn to self-help psychology and they read a book or two and work with themselves a little.  If these are good books they learn about the subconscious mind and learn to change some thinking and feeling around a belief or two.  Typically they will keep working with self-help psychology until the particular problem they want to solve is solved.  Then they’re off and running again—automatically and unconsciously, or should I say subconsciously—re-dreaming the bit of new and the rest of the same old same old, at least until another moment of frustration hits.

My exposure to self-help psychology began this way too.  But then it took on a life all its own.  I didn’t know about spirit yet.  I didn’t yet know life was an illusion or dream.  Life was all still very physically real to me in those days.  However, my first self-help psychology book was a rare one in that it gave me a bit of an overview of me sitting on my mind’s surface letting my subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs run the show.  I was fascinated.  Nothing in life had piqued my interest before that self-help psychology book.  After that book all I wanted was to read more.  I'll talk more about what this meant for me over the next few blog posts.

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