A Glimpse From Human To Spirit

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I’m a regular human being who one day caught a glimpse of awareness that I was a spirit being instead.  That glimpse was like a light being turned on in a dark room.  Suddenly I could see what I hadn't been able to see before.  The light turned off again before I had a chance to note any details, but an overall understanding of what I had seen remained, much like an afterglow.  I knew that I, and everyone and everything else, all that seemed so physically real, really was not.

It was like I had experienced spirit, like I had seen, heard, touched spirit.  Except of course I hadn't.  And it was like I knew all about spirit.  Except of course I didn’t.  I was still a human being.  Except I knew I wasn't.  Although I didn't experience anything other than that shift in knowing, and I had no idea how the whole thing worked or why, I was left with the certainty that spirit is real and physicality is not.  Moreover, even without a literal experience of being spirit, or a detailed understanding of the how and why of seeming instead to be human, life made sense to me like it never had before.

The afterglow of that glimpse left me with a basic knowledge that all was spirit including me.  I was a being of spirit not a human being.  What that meant to me was that I was a piece of God.  So was everyone and everything else.  The apparent physicality of me and others and things was a temporary thing like a dream or an illusion.  Living a human life is merely a dream of living a human life.

We humans dream ourselves, the world, the universe.  Or, a more scientific approach, starting with the Big Bang, might be to say that the universe dreams the world and the world dreams us.  Even science now knows physicality has a nonphysical base and human awareness has influence on so-called physicality. 

While dreaming, we humans catch all kinds of glimpses of the reality of spirit.  From inside the dream we see or we hear or we feel a brief sense of spirit, commonly called a ‘glimpse.’  After this brief flash of awakening, however, we fall back into sleep and in remembering the dream we interpret its meaning from inside the dream.  Even if that glimpse tells us we’re dreaming, once back inside the dream, thinking again like a mere human, we no longer get the point.

My glimpse of spirit was a little different, because it came as a knowing.  The full package of information arrived in my mind in a blink of an eye.  I didn't get a chance to read the fine print before the eye blink was over, mind you, but the package left an afterglow of general knowledge, an imprint within the dream.

We All are Spirit

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