Repeating The Same Old Patterns

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In the last couple of blog posts I talked about self-help psychology and its ability to help us become conscious of our subconscious mind.  Unless and until we discover psychology's ability to help us, the subconscious mind will keep automatically re-dreaming the same old life patterns for us.  We humans are unaware of this, despite the fact that the same old patterns of feeling, thinking, and believing keep repeating themselves over and over again in our lives.

Sometimes some of us wake up to the repetitive nature of life, at least a little, at least in one area of life.  Maybe we're looking for a relationship and we can't find one and instead we keep making similar bad connections over and over again.  Or, over and over again we're being challenged by a boss, or by co-workers, and this doesn't change no matter how many different jobs we try.  Or maybe, over and over again, problems plague us—financial problems or medical or social—like we're walking around under a dark cloud.  Or, sometimes we notice the repetitive patterns of life when we simply become bored with the same old same old.

In any of these situations, the best thing that could happen is that psychology catches our attention with the promise of some self-help.  Self-help psychology is a billion-selling market these days, mostly because much of it caters to fixes for getting various areas of life unstuck.  The bandaid approach of many self-help books isn't ideal, but it is a bit of a start at making the subconscious conscious.  I turned to self-help psychology some 40 years ago, looking to get unstuck, and I would happily have settled for a bandaid approach.  I was 22 years old, had been working since I was 17, and was already bored working the same old job after job.

Self-heIp psychology was far from a billion-selling market in those days.  In fact, it was so new that nobody in my little corner of the world knew much about it.  Self-help books in general were catching on, though, and I was (and still am) a self-help kind of gal, not to mention an avid lover of books.  My first instinct was to scour bookstore shelves looking for a book that might help me.  And I found a book that did.  It was probably one of the first self-help psychology books on bookstore shelves and it did much more for me than merely help me cure a little boredom.

The book was Self Creation by George Weinberg.  Its title immediately intrigued me.  Its subtitle intrigued me even more—The one key principle that will show you what you are, how you became that way, how you can change.  It seemed like that book had been written just for me.  If I could change myself that would surely get my life unstuck.  The book wasn't a bandaid book, or a 'quick-fix' book as the bandaid books have come to be known.  That book turned me around from life, got me looking at me and re-creating me afresh, and re-creating me afresh re-created my life afresh.  I didn't know anything about spirituality yet, nor dreaming and re-dreaming life.  But that psychology book was actually the start of my entire learning process including the spirituality that would later come.  That book changed everything for me, as you'll see over the next few blog posts.

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